West Oxford

Please check back to find new class schedule – dates and times to follow. You are welcome to express your interest in West Oxford classes by contacting me – scroll down this page to find the contact form.


West Oxford Community Centre, Main Hall, Botley Road, (opposite Osney Island minutes from Oxford Train Station), OX2 0BT.



To be confirmed shortly.


Advance booking for a whole class series offers a discount, and concessions area available for those over 60 yrs, students, and low-waged. 

Per drop-in session: £13; concessions and 60+: £10.


East Oxford

Fridays 9.15-10.30am. Seasonal qigong classes run in a 4-week series from 
13 September – 11 October 2019 – no class on 27 September.


Fri: St Alban’s Church Hall, Charles Street, OX4 3AH.


September: 13, 20  (no class on 27 Sept)

October 4, 11


Advance booking for all 4 classes: £45/£40 concessions (60+, students, low-waged).
Please contact me below, to book and pay before 5th September 2019.
Per drop-in session: £13; concessions and 60+: £12. 

Zoe’s approach feels unique because the classes are tailored to the season, which helps my body adjust and get in tune with to the forces of nature around me. I find her classes incredibly powerful and nurturing. Zoe’s teaching style is gentle and un-intrusive. She clearly knows her field well, and her personal practice is deep, as this comes across in her confident and clear instructions. N.L.

The effects on my body were immediately restorative: calming and energising at the same time. A.D.

I have a tendency to turn to caffeine/chocolate to combat tiredness, and an unexpected benefit of Zoe’s Friday morning Qigong sessions is feeling more naturally energised. I also feel more accepting of my state – and less inclined to use stimulants to change it.


I became more aware of habitual tension in my body, of feelings and sensations, and how I move. K. F.

A Qigong class with Zoe is an opportunity to step quietly into a place where we should all be spending much more time – connecting with our inner being. Visualise a journey through your body, your internal organs, imbuing them with the energy of peace and kindness. Moving in awareness and relaxation – it’s the best feeling!


Extremely useful, helped me to change the energetic state of my system. I could feel the gentle and powerful shift towards healing. Z. P.

About the classes

My classes follow the seasonal cycle, with Qigong to support the body through each season and in their transitions, helping out the organs working hardest at different times of year. I combine this with teaching Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi. You are also likely to learn other, shorter forms.

I teach both Qigong and ‘Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi’. Shibashi (meaning ‘eighteen movements’) combines aspects of both Tai Chi and Qigong disciplines, as it involves a seamless flow of movements, each of which is repeated, with the deep awareness of qi cultivation and breathing. There are 4 sets currently taught in the UK, though the full series of 8 comprises of 108 movements (some of which are repeated). It was created by Lin Housheng in 1980, and is taught internationally by, among others, Sifu Wing Cheung of the Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui Institute. I am qualified to teach Shibashi Sets 1 and 2, which I learnt with the Institute’s senior instructors, and in workshops with Sifu Wing Cheung, whose background is in Nei Gong and traditional Tai Chi.

Set 1 is quite gentle, designed to balance qi flow in the whole body for optimal health, and deepens the breath. It is the foundational practice, suitable for beginners or for those unfamiliar with Shibashi. This is a great Qigong to learn if you experience anxiety or stress.

Set 2 works the legs more strongly, helping to open and exercise the leg meridians as well as developing the breathing and the sense of moving from the kwa, or pelvic area. It is suitable if you want a slightly stronger practice physically, and if you are already familiar with Set 1.

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